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Slide THE ESSENCE THOUGHTS / FEELINGS / ACTIONS Starting from the name, Sanpapié renounces paper, documents, definitions. Its nature is always been to know how to renew itself in each project, changing with it, developing, growing.

Slide FABIO FERRETTI president LARA GUIDETTI artistic director
choreographer / dancer
MARCELLO GORI musician / playwright LORENZA PANICCIà distribution TABATA MONICO managing
THE TEAM THE COMPANY Outwardly we are just one apple among others. Internally, we are the tree. Alan W. Watts
Lara Guidetti Born in Emilia in 1983, after studying acrobatics at a competitive level and theatrical acting, in 2006 she graduated as a dancer and choreographer at the dance-theatre Atelier of the Paolo Grassi School of Milan, studying with great national and international masters such as Susanne Linke, Emio Greco, and the musician André Minvielle, and participating in projects by Franco Brambilla and Luciana Melis (Tristan, 2005, A-ronne, 2006), Reinhild Hoffman (Der Aufbruch, 2004), Lucinda Childs, Susanna Beltrami (Glass, bouquet, guitar and bottle, 2006); Yong Min Cho and Sarah Taylor (Bridging lines Milan, 2005); again Luciana Melis (Suite for guitars and dancers, 2005; In-stall-action. At the end of the wood, 2006). She continues her training, both linked to the world of dance and to the one of performing art and to other kinds of pedagogy and actor training following both workshops and productions of international artists such as Rimas Tuminas, Cesar Brie, Paz Rojo, Carolina Bolouda, Joao Garcia Miguel, Virgilio Sieni and many others. In 2006 she founds Sanpapié of which she is artistic director, choreographer, and interpreter. Working for the company she signs the choreographies of 20 works and more than 40 performances presented throughout Europe and China. In 2017, her show Lei won the Sonia Bonacina Award, dedicated to the women of theater. Parallel to working with Sanpapié, she works as a choreographer and interpreter in the field of theatre, dance, and music collaborating with important directors such as Massimo Navone, Franco Branciaroli, Valter Malosti, Bob Wilson, Giampiero Solari, Marianna Kavalleratos, Jona Boeker. She regularly collaborates as a choreographer, co-director, and dancer with the JGM company of Lisbon. She has been collaborating for years with the composer Carlo Boccadoro and has a strong relationship with the world of operatic music that led her, in 2016, to sign the choreographies for the opera "Joan of Arc" by Giuseppe Verdi directed by Peter Greenway and Saskia Boddeke and in 2019 to be choreographer and interpreter of the opera "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi directed by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti at the Ravenna Festival and collaborator in the movements of "Carmen" under the direction by Luca Micheletti. She has worked with La Scala in Milan as a dancer and acrobat. Together with her authorial and artistic path, she carries out a study on the formation and contamination of stylistic and didactic methods of theatre and contemporary dance. In the last ten years, she has collaborated as a teacher, with recognized professional training schools such as Paolo Grassi, the Dancehaus Academy, and the school of the Teatro Stabile of Turin as well as numerous centers of training in Milan. LARA GUIDETTI ARTISTIC DIRECTOR
Fabio Ferretti X Project Manager, producer, theatrical manager, knight, and stunt-man: despite a degree in History (at the University of Bologna) He gives in to the charms of dance, also due to a Master in Organization of cultural events (Catholic University of Milan). He starts as a "runner" at the first edition of the Festivalfilosofia of Modena, where he then works until 2020 as manager of production; in the meantime, he gets the grips at the International Festival of Contemporary Circus (2006-2007), at the Entertainment Sector of the Municipality of Milan (2007-2008), at Outis - National Center of contemporary dramaturgy (2009). From 2011 to 2014 he is on the board of directors of Etre, an association of Lombard theatrical residences, taking care of international projects, services, and administrative supervision. Between 2016 and 2018 he is production manager for PianoCity Milan, production manager of the evening “The Voices of the City”, directed by Daniele Abbado for BookCity Milan. He is a founding member of Crono Events, an historical reenactment project, and is director of the Mutina Boica festival. Since 2018 he has been responsible for the development and special projects for the National Foundation of Dance / Aterballetto. In all of this, he has been with Sanpapié since the beginning, in the sense that he was present on the night were, in his kitchen in via Benevento in Milan, the constitutive act of the company was signed. From 2008 to 2017 he has, in no particular order: driven vans to Edinburgh (with stops for shows in Paris, London, Manchester, Barnsley ...), discussed with accountants and directors in Italy, bought airline tickets to China, sold shows between Germany (not speaking German) and Calabria, learned Spanish on tour, co-managed residency projects between Sesto San Giovanni, Crescenzago and Pessano con Bornago, assembled light drawings and fittings, dividing himself between stage, direction, rehearsal room, and endless meetings. In other words, he has been the organizational, administrative, and touring manager of the company. Since 2017 he has remained "only" President of the Cultural Association. He is our first audience member and continues to personally make the monthly bank transfers that pay each person on our team. FABIO FERRETTI PRESIDENT Marcello Gori X From Genoa, he graduates in Modern Literature with a thesis on “Hamlet” by Giovanni Testori and graduates in dramaturgy at the Paolo Grassi School in Milan (2007). During the theatrical studies, he approaches the composition of electronic music, especially in relation to dance, and thanks to Franco Brambilla and Luciana Melis, has the first experiences of what will become his job. As a musician, he has worked, among others, with the dancer Annamaria Ajmone (In [quiete], 2015; Tiny, 2016), with the director Carmelo Rifici (La testa del Profeta, 2009), with director Veronica Cruciani Le verità di Bakersfield, 2018), with director Carolina De La Calle Casanova (Invisibili generazioni, 2017; Humana, 2020); he has collaborated with several companies of the Milanese scene and Lombard, such as Scarlattine (S-catenati, 2015), Compagnia delle furie (Tito Andronico, 2011), Famiglia Mastorna (Little Eyolf, 2014). In 2013 he founds, together with Paolo Giorgio and Sarah Chiarcos, the collective Circolo Bergman, with whom he experiments in the territories of performance, with a particular preference for site-specific projects (Pergine. Via San Peter 4, 2017; Rooms, 2018; Bilderatlas, 2018; Decade, 2019). In 2015 he gave birth to a Genoa, together with Federica Bastoni and some longtime friends, to the Association Culturale Ateneo del Libero Pensiero, with which he carries out research multidisciplinary between music, dance, and painting. In Sanpapié since the foundation, he has curated the sound and music of almost all the shows, from Boh (2008) to Amartés Il viaggio di Caino (2018). As a playwright, he is co-author of Lei (2016, winner of the 2017 Sonia Bonacina Prize); he wrote the lyrics for Memoire. Beauty stories hidden (2017) and A [1] BIT (2018) and, together with Matteo Poli, the Teatro-canzone show Mi sono perso a Milano (2013), which coincides with his debut as a songwriter. MARCELLO GORI MUSICIAN
Tabata Monico X Tabata graduates in Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage and Entertainment at the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 2007 and 2009 obtains the Magistralis Degree in Management and Innovation of Cultural and Artistic Organizations at Alma Mater Studiorum - the University of Bologna, during which she carries out an Erasmus project in London attending the Master in Events Management at the University of Greenwich. She then follows an internship at La Biennale di Venezia for the Grado Zero dance project and for the International Contemporary Music Festival From 2010 to 2011 she is a fundraiser for Arts' Council Srl; from 2011 to 2012 y she is group manager and ticketing assistant for Poltronissima Srl; in 2013 she collaborates with the international distribution and organization of Scarlattine Theatre company's shows; she, therefore, collaborates in the organization of the 2012 and 2013 editions of the festival of MilanOltre dance - Elfo Puccini Theatre; from December 2013 to March 2018 she is the Ticketing Manager and Booking for Show Bees Srl. From March 2018 to December 2019 she is the organizer for the company Lumen; from March 2018 to today she deals with distribution and organization for ServomutoTeatro and from April 2018 to today she is in Sanpapié as administration and production manager. TABATA MONICO Managing
and administration
LorenzaPaniccià X After having obtained in 2013 the Master's Degree in Live Entertainment Disciplines at the Dams at the University of Bologna, in 2014 she attends the Master of Entrepreneurship of UNIBO show and acquires skills in the organization, programming and promotion of entertainment activities. She carries out internships at the artistic and general secretariat of the National Dance Foundation / Aterballetto, and at Amat (Association of theatrical activities of the Italian region Marche) as part of the CivitanovaDanza Festival, at the art office and organization of the Teatro Valli di Reggio Emilia for the Open Festival and as organizational assistant as part of Virgilio Sieni's project In the folds of the body_Bologna. Since 2016 she has been supporting as artistic, managing, and theatre assistant, the international choreographer and performer Valerio Longo in his training projects related to the new generations of dance. She has been president since 2017 of the Kinetic Performances Association - dance management, whose goal is to help Italian dance realities to equip themselves with the services they need to grow, expand, develop as coherently as possible with their artistic goals. From September 2017 to March 2019 works at the Nexus Cultural Association-Compagnia Simona Bertozzi as manager and producer of associated emerging choreographers. Since September 2018 she is the coordinator of Percorso Radici directed by the choreographer Valerio Longo, a program of artistic training in the field of contemporary dance. Since February 2021 she has been collaborating with Sanpapié to distribution. LORENZA PANICCIà DISTRIBUTION ChiaraFadda X From Sardegna. She begins as performer, then studies linguistic mediation. In Bologna, between a show at the Arena del Sole and one at Duse, she obtains a master's degree in entrepreneurship of performing arts and live entertainment. She begins to train and work as a production assistant (also as an assistant choreographer and freelance dancer) for dance-related realities: Union Dance company London, Roberto Zappalà Public Scenario Dance Production Center, Interplay Festival and Mosaico Danza, then continuing in the Artist & Creative team of the Scarlett Entertainment Agency in Devon. She returns to Italy, this time to Milan where she works freelance for filmmaking and advertising realities and of course for contemporary dance. She is creative, compulsive, visionary. Lover of street art, aphorisms and the sea. CHIARA FADDA Managing
and administration


Sanpapié is a member of AIDAP, within Federdanza AGIS, founder of Associazione Etre and Associazione K, through which it is the promoter of C.Re.S.Co.


  • Paola Bedoni, Marco Bissoli, Giuseppe Brancaccio, Noemi Bresciani, Federico Melca, Martina Monaco, Giuseppe Morello, Luciano Nuzzolese, Francesco Pacelli, Cecilia Tragni, Claudia Tiziani, Simona Semeraro, Giovanni Leone, Fabio Calvisi, Davide Boi, Valentina Papparella, Chetan Chauhan, Alessandro Lely, Miriana Possidente, Alessia Smorta, Francesca Martignetti // dancers
  • Carmen Giordano // director
  • Marco Di Stefano // playwright and director
  • Andrea Tibaldi // actor and director
  • Tony Contartese // actor and director
  • Valter Malosti // actor and director
  • Giulia Bonaldi // set designer and costume designer
  • Cecilia Sacchi // set designer
  • Luca Tilli, Andrea Parazzoli // musician
  • Carlo Boccadoro// composer
  • Luca Mariani// videomaker
  • Sara Ribeiro // actress and musician
  • Luna Mariotti, Paolo Casati, Marcello Marchi // light designer
  • Marta Marchesi, Federica Bastoni, Silvia Pinto, Eleonora Cotugno, Luca Degl’Antoni // organizers
  • Andrea Lietti, Monica Bonomi, Federica Bognetti // actors

Slide THE ORIGIN STEP BY STEP From solos to duets, to international co-productions and site-specific challenges, Sanpapié has crossed numerous territories of live performance, trying to bring an ever wider audience to the world of dance. THE
BETWEEN PAST AND FUTURE In the balance between an age-old language and the stimuli of research, Sanpapié has always sought its own definition not in the words of a manifesto, but in the living and pulsating energy of the creative act.

In its first thirteen years of history, Sanpapié took part in the first multiple residency experience in Italy (the PUL Project, developed at Spazio Mil in Sesto S. Giovanni between 2008 and 2010 within the Etre call of the Cariplo Foundation), it has participated twice in the Fringe of Edinburgh (in 2009 with Boh and in 2012 with Io sono Figlio as a guest of the Dance Base directed by Morag Deyes), it took part in a project funded by the European Union (Islotes en Red, 2012), she won a national competition (the 2017 Sonia Bonacina Prize with Lei), it made a show in ten Italian regions and six foreign countries (China, France, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain), received the Art Council contribution as a Dance Production Company (from 2015 to 2017) and it has won the Cariplo Foundation FUnder35 call (from 2017 to 2019).
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2008 - 2010
In the early years, the company moves around Lara Guidetti and Sarah Chiarcos, who together conceive the three shows: Boh (2008), Prima persona (2009) and Modelli tagliati in carne (2010). The early international vocation of the company is expressed by the tours of Boh (Edinburgh Fringe, 2009, UK, 2010) and of Prima persona (Spain, 2010).

2011 - 2014
At the end of 2010, Sarah Chiarcos leaves the company to pursue new adventures; her place is taken by the playwright and director Marco Di Stefano in 2012, within the European project "Islotes en Red”. He is the author of the script of Io sono figlio, a show that in the next two years is performed in five different countries, allowing the company to return to the Edinburgh Fringe (2012). In 2013 2 + 2 = 5 is created, a show tribute to four great artists and one historical “teacher” of dance. Finally, in 2013, the company produces for the first time a work of teatro-canzone, Mi sono perso a Milano, written and performed by the company's musician, Marcello Gori. These four years end with the first collaboration between Lara Guidetti and Carlo Boccadoro, from which Della caduta un passo di danza is born (2014, directed by Carmen Giordano).

The three-year period from 2015 to 2017, is characterized by the achievement of the requirements for becoming funded by the Italian Art Council and saw the company engaged on very different fronts: from “agile” works such as the solo Lei (2016, winner of the 2017 Sonia Bonacina Prize), to more demanding productions such as Ode all olio (2015) or the work Le Sacre du Printemps and Histoire du Soldat (2016 and 2017, produced for the Stresa Festival), up to site-specific works: above all, En haut en bas (2015), produced for the Turin and the Alps Festival, and Memoire.Storie di bellezza nascosta (2017), made in collaboration with the Fondo Ambiente Italiano and the company's first experiment with an audience with headphones. Finally, the international co-production Skies (2016, directed by João Garcia Miguel), which was performed in Portugal and at the Teatro di Roma. In the meantime, in the somewhat hidden cradle of the Teatro della Contraddizione, the multi-sensory show project Balerhaus grows, and within three seasons reaches certain popularity in Milan and in several other Italian and Swiss entertainment venues (Teatro Fraschini di Pavia, East West Festival of Rovereto, Teatro della Tosse di Genova, LAC di Lugano).

In 2018 Sanpapié produces six new shows - Amartés - Il viaggio di Caino (co-production with CSC Anymore with the support of NEXT 2017/18), Se una notte d’estate un viaggiatore... (site-specific performance commissioned by the Stresa Festival), the TWINS project (two creations by young authors/dancers of the company: Trans-Ferre curated by Sofia Casprini and Martina Monaco, and Forlorn curated by Matteo Sacco), Orfeo Reloaded (co-production with the Teatri festival del Cimone), A [1] BIT (in collaboration with MilanOltre / festival Exister / DancehausPiù, winner of the call NEXT 2019/2020), Il Canto di Ulisse (in collaboration with the OlioOfficina Festival, site-specific show for Palazzo delle Stelline, MI) -, collaborated in the realization of the choreography for the Nozze D’oro (Teatro degli Arcimboldi MI) and for the comedy I Cavalieri (Syracuse Amphitheater) and filmed repertoire shows (LEI, Balerhaus, Variegato all'Amore of 2013 - the latter scheduled for the Sforza Summer in Milan). In 2019 Sanpapié wins the Invasioni Contemporanee call, thanks to which it produces the site-specific show Tac-tus for the city of Offida, in collaboration with the orchestra Musica Manens of Turin. Also in 2019 the company resumes previous years productions such as (LEI, Balerhaus, Variegato all'Amore, A [1] BIT, Skies, Se una notte d’estate un viaggiatore...), restarts a more stable collaboration with the Portuguese company JGM and win the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation (Sottocasa - LaCittàIntorno) with the "Circolo Virtuoso" project for the Circolo Cerizza of Milan. In 2020, after a short tour of the shows A [1] BIT (thanks to NEXT) and Evoluzione (in collaboration with Achab group and RST) and the debut in Porto of the new co-production UN plano do labirinto with the Portuguese company JGM, during the months of lockdown the company is committed to producing digital content in the form of short videos lasting about 4 '/ 5' in the occasion of the holidays (Easter, April 25, May 1, June 2), while in the months after the lockdown, in summer, the company tours A [1] BIT in its two new versions UNDERGROUND and OPEN SKY (Trasparenze festival, Teatri del Cimone, MilanOltre, APP Ascoli Piceno Present by AMAT), is inserted again in the Sforzesca Summer festival with the De André tribute concert-show C’era un cartello giallo con una scritta nera, and premiers the show 24 Volte al Secondo at the Caffeine festival, obtaining the support of NEXT 2020. In the last months of the year the company is committed to the wide range of training courses that it offers (initially in the presence and then online) and the writing of a territorial project for the community of some districts of the Municipality 2 of Milan. In December 2020 Sanpapié signed the “Porta Adriano” Collaboration Agreement which aims to create regenerative shared cultural activities in Piazza Costantino in Milan and some neighboring spaces. From 2018 to 2020, the Company annually received a grant from the Municipality of Milan for continuous activity in the context of live entertainment. Currently, the company is continuing to design and create, despite the theatres being closed due to the health emergency: Lara Guidetti works between Lisbon and Milan, on one hand to continue the co-production with the Portuguese company JGM, on the other hand, to coordinate the training proposal (for now still online) and the touring of the repertoire shows, as well as the starting of a new creation Amigdala, which will debut at MilanOltre 2021.


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