choreography by
Lara Guidetti

music by
Marcello Gori

Dedicated to those who
have never bet on the result.



with Lara Guidetti, Paola Bedoni, Marco De Meo, Francesco Pacelli and Marcello Gori

costumes by Giulia Bonaldi
light design by Sarah Chiarcos

and with precious help of Costantino Pirolo




With great respect and not without some sacred fear I approached five dance masters such as Isadora Duncan, Mary Wigman, Martha Graham, Pina Bausch and Luciana Melis.
These women were mirrors of their time and of the artistic environment with which they were communicating and interacting, their contribute ranging from political commitment to choreographic research, from social denunciation to cooperation with other great artists.
Without wanting to propose portions of repertoire or choreographic schemes, I looked at their life and at their work in search of sensations, creative ideas and atmospheres. After the tributes to the great pioneers studied in books, in theatres and rehearsal rooms, I wanted then pay homage to a great teacher, Luciana Melis, whom I had the honor of having been direct student of. I began, seeking to pay a tribute, to say “thank you” and I realized, at the end of the work, that these women had given me yet another gift by suggesting a path of research, study and growth. Five fragments have emerged that do not claim to be either portraits or celebrations, but which are rather evocations: they are the fruit of an encounter. Five choreographies that concentrate themes, physical and theatrical indications, visions of the body, forms but also images, music, happenings, controversial personalities, and human frailties. Five pieces that hold a taste of them all.
Lara Guidetti