TRANS-FERRE | Elastic collision between rigid bodies

eography and interpretation by
Sofia Casprini and Martina Monaco




choreography and interpretation by
Matteo Sacco




Trans-ferre is a choreographic experiment that studies the physical mechanism of Newton’s pendulum, an instrument that analyses the energy transferred between two bodies that are hit. Energy does preserves; it is not created, it is not destroyed, but it is transformed or transferred. This physical law puts in light the truth of human relationships and relationships within society as a whole. Through the study of the pendulum what is represented is a reflection on the human instinct to transfer one’s own energy emanating it and sharing it in order to create a network of exchange between individuals.
As the sphere of a pendulum transfers its energy to a single sphere or to several spheres so in
human relationships a single individual can influence the energy of a collective and vice versa. Energies, in fact, exchange, influence, repel or absorb. Achieving complete
acceptance of energy different from one’s own can then be translated into a form of love,
a condition in which the harmony between the energies becomes univocal takes a single direction.

A Fanciullino from Pascoli gone bad, broken and transformed into something that not even he understands so much, Forlorn inhabits a universe in which body and space become anarchic interlocutors of his raving questions. The choreographic research carried out by Matteo Sacco is oriented towards the exploration of this character lost his own inner world, where imagination has a real specific weight and where Forlorn talks without ever being silent


In the name, the essence of the project: different identities that share the same incubator, they share nutrients and have the same developing time but grow with their own personality.

The will of Sanpapiè company is to support the choreographic research of young authors/dancers, creating a work path through residences and public sharings,  that may be an opportunity for growth, stimulation and provocation to the creative process, throughout a year.

In fact, the company’s work has always been based on a very strong exchange and dialogue between dancer and choreographer: for this reason, it seemed consistent to support the momentum of creative young performers.

The two projects that have been chosen, Trans-ferre by Sofia Casprini and Martina Monaco, and Forlom by Matteo Sacco, involve dancers who have collaborated or who collaborate with the productive nucleus of the company and who have expressed the desire to confront and experiment themselves as authors. The company will therefore make available both structural, organizational, and artistic support, “tutoring” them through their creation in every phase: logistic and artistic. We believe it is important to combine the protected dimension of the residence in which the authors can experiment and research to moments in which the work opens up to a confrontation with the public and with the stage space. This last point will include both theatrical stages and site specific situations so that the scenic elements of architecture, light, and the dislocation of the public can be further points of analysis and reflection.