held by
Lara Guidetti, Fabrizio Calanna, Lara Viscuso, Francesca Lastella

To discover that there is no body that cannot dance.


To speak of an image, with a movement.
To express an emotion with a gesture.


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From October to May




The urban dance teather workshop is aimed at those with advanced studies in theatre, dance or performing-art who are willing to embark on a creation aimed at the city, confronting the complexity and richness of its places. The aim is to set up a cohesive group to work together both in the study and in the creation of an urban performance to be held in a chosen area of Milan. The site-specific work has peculiar characteristics in terms of both the position and possibility of the body to move within non-theatre spaces and the need for a profound exploration and analysis of the city, whose possible itineraries will become living dramaturgical matter. The workshop from October will consist of a weekly day dedicated to the study of technique, training and choreographic composition and of intensive weekend workshops, in which exercises in active dramaturgy and writing, exploration of improvisation techniques and choreographic composition, both individual and choral, will be proposed, leading us towards the collective work to be delivered to the city.



Born in Emilia in 1983, after studying acrobatics at a competitive level and theatrical acting, in 2006 she graduated as a dancer and choreographer at the dance-theatre Atelier of the Paolo Grassi School of Milan, studying with great national and international masters such as Susanne Linke, Emio Greco, and the musician André Minvielle, and participating in projects by Franco Brambilla and Luciana Melis (Tristan, 2005, A-ronne, 2006), Reinhild Hoffman (Der Aufbruch, 2004), Lucinda Childs, Susanna Beltrami (Glass, bouquet, guitar and bottle, 2006); Yong Min Cho and Sarah Taylor (Bridging lines Milan, 2005); again Luciana Melis (Suite for guitars and dancers, 2005; In-stall-action. At the end of the wood, 2006). She continues her training, both linked to the world of dance and to the one of performing art and to other kinds of pedagogy and actor training following both workshops and productions of international artists such as Rimas Tuminas, Cesar Brie, Paz Rojo, Carolina Bolouda, Joao Garcia Miguel, Virgilio Sieni and many others. In 2006 she founds Sanpapié of which she is artistic director, choreographer, and interpreter. Working for the company she signs the choreographies of 20 works and more than 40 performances presented throughout Europe and China. In 2017, her show Lei won the Sonia Bonacina Award, dedicated to the women of theater. Parallel to working with Sanpapié, she works as a choreographer and interpreter in the field of theatre, dance, and music collaborating with important directors such as Massimo Navone, Franco Branciaroli, Valter Malosti, Bob Wilson, Giampiero Solari, Marianna Kavalleratos, Jona Boeker. She regularly collaborates as a choreographer, co-director, and dancer with the JGM company of Lisbon. She has been collaborating for years with the composer Carlo Boccadoro and has a strong relationship with the world of operatic music that led her, in 2016, to sign the choreographies for the opera “Joan of Arc” by Giuseppe Verdi directed by Peter Greenway and Saskia Boddeke and in 2019 to be choreographer and interpreter of the opera “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi directed by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti at the Ravenna Festival and collaborator in the movements of “Carmen” under the direction by Luca Micheletti. She has worked with La Scala in Milan as a dancer and acrobat. Together with her authorial and artistic path, she carries out a study on the formation and contamination of stylistic and didactic methods of theatre and contemporary dance. In the last ten years, she has collaborated as a teacher, with recognized professional training schools such as Paolo Grassi, the Dancehaus Academy, and the school of the Teatro Stabile of Turin as well as numerous centers of training in Milan.


Born in Catania in 1982, he began with Latin dances and flamenco and in 2008 he graduated from Susanna Beltrami’s Pier Lombardo Academy in Milan in contemporary technique and choreography. In 2022 he attended and completed the Next Generation choreography and direction course at Aterballetto (Reggio Emilia). Freelance dancer in various contexts including: Teatro Antico Taormina, Teatro Cassanese, TdC Milan, Arena Di Verona, Teatro Piscator Catania, Nuova Danza Palermo di C. Cona, Studio Festi Group Varese. TV and fashion: Rai, Mediaset and Sky, World Music Awards Montecarlo and for the brands Marni, Frankie Morello, Swarovski. In 2009 she joined the Compagnia Susanna Beltrami, of which she will be a permanent member until 2019. In 2010, together with Lara Viscuso, she founded the Compagnia VuotoPerPieno, for which she created and danced several shows, including: Gamelan; AmeName; Idioti Ipertrofici, L’ultimo Bohemien e la Lumaca; Rido_N_danza; La Pragmatica del #ciaoinvisibile; La Banalità del Cilindro, San Ti Melisses. In 2017 he creates, directs and produces Impronte_D’artista (San G. Piacentino Cultural Review), in 2018 Rassegna_Dimissioni_Danza at DanceHaus Milano. A contemporary dance teacher, he continues his research by teaching at professional academies and courses for amateurs throughout Italy. Since 2017 he has been a stable dancer with the Sanpapié company in Milan, covering different roles.


Born in ’83, freelance dancer and performer, she has taken part in numerous productions in major Sicilian theatres since a very young age.
In 2006, she moved to Milan to perfect her studies thanks to a scholarship at the PierLombardo Academy, directed by Susanna Beltrami, with whom she collaborated, then for ten years, as a dancer and performer in all the productions of her Company (Compagnia Susanna Beltrami), and as assistant to choreography.
She collaborated as a dancer with the Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza of Turin in productions in the years 2009\2010, in Italy and abroad.
With Japanese percussionist Leonard Eto at the Teatro dell’Arte Triennale Milano, the Festival dei due mondi di Spoleto and the Festival delle Orestiadi di Gibellina.
As a performer for Marni, Marras, Gucci and various designers during Milan FashionWeek.
Solo dancer for the opera “Aida” at the Ravenna Festival 2019 directed by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti.
She collaborates as a dancer and performer with the Compagnia Sanpapiè.
Together with Fabrizio Calanna, she founded the Compagnia VuotoPerPieno in which she is a dancer and assistant choreographer.
She currently collaborates as an aerial dancer with Compagnia StudioFesti and MolecoleShow for events in Italy and abroad.
From 2016 to 2019 and from 2023 she is teacher of Contemporary Technique at Accademia Kataklo’ directed by Giulia Staccioli, currently teacher of Classical, Modern and Contemporary Technique at various schools in Milan including DanceGroup at Susanna Beltrami’s DanceHaus, responsible for Sanpapiè training and choreographer for the rhythmic gymnastics team (A1 series) Forza e Coraggio in Milan.
Since 2022, she has been artistic director of the professional start-up course DANCEgroup LAB.
She holds internships throughout Italy.


Born in Milan, she trained at the Balletto Teatro in Turin and Art Factory International in Bologna, where she won a scholarship to attend the Duncan Centre (CZ) dance conservatory, deepening her training with international masters (from Forsythe Dance Company, Sasha Waltz & Guest, Lenka Vagnerová Company etc.). In 2013/14 she worked in numerous projects with Lara Russo, Anna Albertarelli, Alexis Blake and Stefan Dreher. For Artemis she dances in the productions Traviata, Doppia Notte and Tosca. In 2015 she collaborated with Iris Erez and Collettivo Cinetico. Since 2019 she has been a lecturer at Artemente, a centre for advanced dance training. In recent years she has collaborated with Déjà Donné (IT), Compagnia Balafori (IT) and Veicolo Danza (CH). She currently dances for Sanpapié, Lost Movement and Luna Cenere.