Matteo Sacco

How do you get out the door when the real prison is the one you carry with you wherever you go?



Dance: Sofia Casprini, Marta Rak, Bui Rouche


Choreography: Matteo Sacco

Music: Iago Rojas



Three little rooms is the story of three separate lives of three isolated characters stuck in their daily routines, locked in their homes and unable to get out. These three rooms become a symbol and metaphor for a deeper, inner, emotional condition, accentuated by loneliness and unstoppable. The real question, then, emerges: what is the point of leaving these rooms if they cannot get out of that emotional condition that affects them, limits them and reduces them to prisoners of themselves? How can one go out the door when the real prison is the one they carry with them wherever they go? Here begins the characters’ inner struggle with themselves and their habit, plunging into the madness of their inner world, through an Alice’s mirror, which transforms their movements and deforms their images, their bodies dragged, out of their control. A journey that leads them to look at themselves and realise what they really have inside, in an unequal struggle against themselves.

But, unbeknownst to them, something bigger is already at work: their lives intertwine harmoniously. Their neuroses, their pain, their inner prisons from which they try to escape, are already part of a larger plan that unites them as human beings. Only the spectator knows: until at the climax of the struggle something unexpected happens that shows the characters the existence of a collective reality, where they find contact with each other and in this a human condition that unites them beyond time and space. Something they can access, to draw support and nourishment. Destroy their inner prison and really get out of that room to be truly free.