concept, dramaturgy and direction by
João Garcia Miguel
choreography and interpretation by
Lara Guidetti
original music by
Sara Ribeiro

«Using a classic text is like being forced to peek, during sleep, inside one’s soul. »

Joao Garcia Miguel



technical direction and lighting by João Garcia Miguel
sound by Cristovao Faria Carvalho

Italian production Fabio Ferretti
executive production Raquel Matos
photography and video by Tyrone Ormsby



Starting from the concept of femininity and its manifestations of death and rebirth inside the writings of Euripides, João Garcia Miguel created a solo on the death and rebirth of Lara Guidetti, goddesses that live in every human being.

An approach to the Bacchantes starting from the point of view of a dancer. The goddesses that one can inspire, free, and awaken, inside men and inside women, move and manifest themselves through four landscapes: the woman, the water, the bird, and the sky. Lara Guidetti dances the metamorphosis of the goddesses: it is the body of a dancer that allows access to the symbol, to the depth of transformation. The work is an approach to the indecipherable presence of the text through the metaphors that the body structures. And the body is by nature a many-faced god, with eccentric narrative attributes and powers, although it has a singular narrative that directly connectsbones, muscles, heartbeat.

In addition to Lara on stage is the Portuguese musician and performer Sara Ribeiro, who contributes to the creation of intense and vibrant performance, in which body, performing space and vocality do intertwine in the creation of a place that is able to make ancient and modern, classic and contemporary, speak.