ideation, dramaturgy, and interpretation by
Marcello Gori and Matteo Poli


«I started playing almost by chance, because it seemed right to try, given that I have always had a passion in music. And over the years, I have to be honest, I’ve gotten from this job many satisfactions. But when these songs came out of me, I had the first time the very precise feeling of having done, without having foreseen it, something really beautiful and sensible. This show is an attempt to come to terms with me starting from those songs.»
Marcello Gori




In 2012, the musician of the company wrote five songs that speak – directly or not – about how difficult it is to keep in touch with oneself and one’s own aspirations living the precarious and fatally off-center life of an actor.

But precariousness does not only affect actors, and Milan, the city where this story unfolds, is a perfect place to get lost: so big, elusive, and haughty. Hence the idea of building a show around to those songs – halfway between Teatro-canzone and a session of self-analysis – which aims to help the protagonist find again or (who knows?) find for the first time a plausible self.

Poised between outbursts of irony, peaks of desperate enthusiasm, and abysses of self-pity, Marvelous, a by chance musician unaccustomed to the limelight, and Matteo, a teacher with a passion for the scene, lead us into their magical world made of music, beats, and words, between songwriting and electronics, intimism and performance. A journey into the sea of hopes, contradictions, and disappointments in which we all swim. As we go, sometimes struggling, sometimes at a speed of a thousand miles per hour, towards our most important achievement: understanding the meaning of our life.
With this work the company experiments and opens up for the first time to a genre other than dance theatre.