MÉMOIRE | Stories of hidden beauty

MÉMOIRE | Stories of hidden beauty

directed by
Lara Guidetti

choreography by
Lara Guidetti

dramaturgy and sounds by
Marcello Gori


«I returned with passion to the act of painting that I have always loved and practiced, and nothing seems to me more beautiful than expressing with colours, as if they were screams rising, all the emotion that arouses in me the spectacle of nature. They offered me to get back into business. It could happen. I feel still so many clothes under the skin.»

Paul Poiret



with Cecilia Tragni, Cecilia Vecchio, Fabrizio Giuseppe Brancaccio, Lara Viscuso, Marco De Meo, Saverio Bari

sets and costumes by Maddalena Oriani

images and visuals by Luca Mariani

production by Fabio Ferretti

with the contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities – Entertainment Sector



Sanpapié, invited by FAI (Environmental Italian Fund) delegation of Milan, revives a jewel of Milanese Art Déco creating a site-specific performance that mixes dance, music, and poetry involving all five senses. The audience, divided into small groups, follows the story of an important Parisian visiting Milan through wireless headphones, while memories and fantasies of him come to life in The Albergo Diurno Venezia, beneath Piazza Oberdan in Milan, is an elegant and functional hotel center for hygiene and body care related services designed by Piero Portaluppi, inaugurated in 1926 and reopened in 2015 after years of neglect. Public baths, barbershops, manicures, laundry, travel agency, and a photographer shop, open on a suggestive hall, keeping the charm of the past splendor intact, in its furnishings, coatings, and precious Art Deco decorations. Today the premises of the former Hotel Diurno are entrusted to FAI, engaged in a process of recovery and relaunch of this special and iconic place in the city.

The proceeds from the days were allocated to the activities of the FAI – Environmental Italian Fund and in particular the restoration project of the Hotel Diurno Venezia.