ADVANCED conducted by Lara Guidetti and Matteo Sacco JARDIN SANPAPIÈ

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conducted by
Lara Guidetti and Matteo Sacco 

“I am deeply convinced that everything is learned with practice and experience, and this principle is true both in dance and in life. You learn to dance by dancing and you learn to live by living. In both cases it is a question of carrying out a precise series of actions, physical or mental, aimed at a purpose, from which derives a sense of fulfilment, identity, satisfaction of spirit. It’s like being an athlete playing for God’s team.

Marta Graham






From October to June



It is an internal project of the company, led by Lara Guidetti, Matteo Sacco and the dancers of Sanpapié. It is a creative process, accessed through selection only, in which the aim is to experience the building of a dance-theatre show in its every phase, from the choice of theme, to dramaturgical creation and choreographic composition, addressing the musical and sound choices and the aesthetic and visual aspect of the work. A forge of experimentation, which involves the participants as an active part of the process, inviting them to work together as a real company. The approach to work is intensive, laboratory and creative: participants are asked to engage in deep work, both collective and individual, where growth as performers is as important as the authorial process in structuring dramaturgical proposals and choreographic composition. The path combines weekly training sessions, which have basic elements of classical dance, Laban technique and floorwork, and intensive weekends, on a monthly basis, where the students face elements of active dramaturgy, improvisation and composition techniques. Fundamental in the work is the theatrical approach and attention to the development not only of the choreographic execution but of its interpretation.

The group is currently made up of students who have studied at least two years with the company with with a chance for others to join the group in September. Winter work is integrated with workshops and technical classes during summer.



Born in Emilia in 1983, after studying acrobatics at a competitive level and theatrical acting, in 2006 she graduated as a dancer and choreographer at the dance-theatre Atelier of the Paolo Grassi School of Milan, studying with great national and international masters such as Susanne Linke, Emio Greco and the musician André Minvielle, and participating in projects by Franco Brambilla and Luciana Melis (Tristan, 2005, A-ronne, 2006), Reinhild Hoffman (Der Aufbruch, 2004), Lucinda Childs, Susanna Beltrami (Glass, bouquet, guitar and bottle, 2006); Yong Min Cho and Sarah Taylor (Bridging lines Milan, 2005); again Luciana Melis (Suite for guitars and dancers, 2005; In-stall-action. At the end of the wood, 2006). She continues her training, both linked to the world of dance and to the one of performing art and to others kinds of pedagogy and actor training following both workshops and productions of international artists such as Rimas Tuminas, Cesar Brie, Paz Rojo, Carolina Bolouda, Joao Garcia Miguel, Virgilio Sieni and many others.
In 2006 she founds Sanpapié of which she is artistic director, choreographer and interpreter. Working for the company she signs the choreographies of 20 works and more than 40 performances presented throughout Europe and China. In 2017, her show Lei won the Sonia Bonacina Award, dedicated to the women of theater.

Parallel to working with Sanpapié, she works as a choreographer and interpreter in the field of theatre, dance and music collaborating with important directors such as Massimo Navone, Franco Branciaroli, Valter Malosti, Bob Wilson, Giampiero Solari, Marianna Kavalleratos, Jona Boeker. She regularly collaborates as a choreographer, co-director and dancer with the JGM company of Lisbon. She has been collaborating for years with the composer Carlo Boccadoro and has a strong relationship with the world of operatic music that led her, in 2016, to sign the choreographies for the opera “Joan of Arc” by Giuseppe Verdi directed by Peter Greenway and Saskia Boddeke and in 2019 to be choreographer and interpreter of the opera “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi directed by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti at the Ravenna Festival and collaborator in the movements of “Carmen” under the direction by Luca Micheletti.

She has worked with La Scala in Milan as a dancer and acrobat.
Together with her authorial and artistic path, she carries out a study on the formation and contamination of stylistic and didactic methods of theatre and contemporary dance. In the last ten years she has collaborated as a teacher, with recognised professional training schools such as Paolo Grassi, the Dancehaus Academy and the school of the Teatro Stabile of Turin as well as numerous centres of training in Milan.


Born in Milan, he attends the Jaques Lecoq based school London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA), then continues his training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire and later at Iwanson International (Munich). From 2011 to 2016 he has worked for Johannes Härtl, Maciej Kunminski, Katja Watcher and Ersan Montag and in several productions of the Bavarian Staatsoper.

Afterwards he becomes apprentice at Zfin Malta Dance Ensemble (2016/17) under the direction of Mavin Khoo. In 2015, his first choreographic work Text Your Darkness Back, wins the first price of composition at the Opus Ballet competition, in Florence.
In Sanpapié since 2018, has danced in Amartés – Il Viaggio di Caino (2018), Balerhaus (2018), A [1] Bit (2018) and 24 volte al secondo (2020). Also in 2018 he produced his second choreographic studio Forlorn, part of Sanpapié’s young choreographer support project ‘Twins’, and performed it in Dimmissioni Festival (2018), Caffeine festival (2018) and Teatri del Cimone festival (2019).

In 2020 he produced his third choreographic studio, Three Little Rooms.
He supports Lara Guidetti in the training project of the company and as a teacher he concentrates on teaching contemporary dance with solid elements of floorwork and a focus on the performative aspect of movement, on emotionality, the use of words and imagination.