BASIC AND ADVANCED held by Lara Guidetti
and Sofia Casprini

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held by
Sofia Casprini / Training
Lara Guidetti / Improvisation and Creation

To discover that there is no body that cannot dance.


To speak of an image, with a movement.
To express an emotion with a gesture.



CampoTeatrale | Via Casoretto 41/a – Milan-

From October to March


indicating:  your name /contact e-mail and telephone
tel. 02 26113133





The course is for those who are interested in exploring and deepening the use of the body as a central tool of theatrical language. Movement and dance are not only aesthetic and stylistic but also functional in the search for one’s own expressivity and creative power.


The goal of the course is to build an instrument, one’s own body, prepared and conscious and able to explore one’s freedom of expression through improvisation techniques, creative and theatrical interpretation of movement aimed at building a performance.


The course is divided into two directions of work parallel and necessary to each other that see both carrying out physical-technical training and intensive moments of the creative laboratory.

The training, conducted by the dancer Sofia Casprini, takes place in weekly lessons.

With a base on the Laban technique, the physical principles explored relate to weight, relationship with the ground, rhythmic coordination, and short choreographic sequences useful for the development of physical memory shared management of the stage space.

During the weekend intensives, however, with Lara Guidetti, didactic coordinator, and choreographer,  the work will drift towards improvisation techniques and the creation of movement in relation to themes, images, and small dramas. During this time, each pupil will learn how to create their own physical score but also how to relate to others and build the final performance together.



The course is for those interested in joining a solid and collaborative working group that will be engaged in a collective creative process aimed at experimenting with expressive work on the body and at the construction of a final show.


The objectives of the course are the growth of each person from a technical and choreographic point of view, through advanced physical training and contact practices including lifts, duos, and trios and the development of improvisation skills, linked to creation and active dramaturgy in relation to the movement. The main focus is on building a solid group that collaborates in the “scenic writing” of the final show.


From the point of view of training in addition to Laban-based techniques, there will be sessions of floorwork, contact-improvisation, and partnering both between two people and a group. The proposed choreographic scores will be addressed not only from the mnemonic and interpretative point of view and but also analyzed in their compositional possibilities in time, space, and dynamics. During the intensives, instead, both thematic improvisation techniques linked to active dramaturgy and techniques related to visual art and relationship with the environment, sound, and text will be proposed.

The two parts of the course are intertwined and run parallel in the creation of the final show.



graduated in 2006 as a choreographer and interpreter at the School of Dramatic Arts “Paolo Grassi” of Milan. She studies with Luciana Melis. And works among others with Reinhild Hoffmann, Ida Kuniaki, Sarah Taylor, Yong Min Cho, Lucinda Childs, Susanna Beltrami, Franco Brambilla, Franco Branciaroli, Valter Malosti, Bob Wilson, Peter Greenaway. In 2006 she founded her together with Fabio Ferretti the Sanpapié theater-dance company, with which she produces 18 choreographic works and 6 shows following tours in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Scotland, China. She teaches at the School of
Paolo Grassi Theater, at Susanna Beltrami’s Dancehaus Academy, at the Scuola del Teatro Stabile of Turin.


Sofia is born in the province of Florence and leads a life as an athlete since she is a child dedicating herself first to artistic gymnastics and then to dance. She continues her path
academic at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London
graduating in 2016. Among her qualifications there is also the Master in performing arts obtained at the London Contemporary dance school (2018). She specialises in
floorwork technique thanks to the masters Fernanda Prata, Jorge Crecis, Katie Lusby and Francisco Cordoba. You also collaborate as an apprentice with companies
such as Scottish Dance Theater (Dundee, Scotland), Danish Dance theater (Copenhagen,
Denmark) and José Limon Dance Company (NY) and she works in London for such choreographers Marina Collard, Zoi Dimitriou, Dam Van Huynh, Shobana Jeyasingh, Allen Kaeja (Kaeja Dance Company) and Tony Adigun (Avant Garde Dance Company).
At the end of 2016 she starts working for the English company EDgeDance Company, directed by Jeanne Yasko with whom she goes on a four-month tour in the UK, Portugal, Austria and Italy.

From 2017 she moves to Milan and starts working for Sanpapié, Ariella Vidach A.I.E.P., directed by Ariella Vidach and Claudio Prati and also for international artists such as Jonathan Burrows (UK) and Martin Talaga (CZ).
She also started her own path as a contemporary dance teacher (dynamic floorwork, contact-impro and release techniques), ballet and theater-dance teaching to professionals, beginners, adult amateurs and children in schools such as Artichoke Academy, Sharing Training Milan, MoveOn, Theater Field, American school of Milan and Danceattitude (Milan), Movimento danza (NA), Talent Academy (FI), La Fenice School (AL), Danzaria (AR), Stoke Newington School (London)and Escola de Artes (Porto).

She also experiments as a choreographer by producing some unpublished works including Transférre (2018), in collaboration with Martina Monaco and part of the ‘Twins’ young choreographers support project of Sanpapié, winner of the Lumintenda 2018 award (Modena); Origami, choreographic solo (2019), finalist of Corto In danza 2020 (Cagliari) and presented at The Pink House Festival (Paris), Teatro dell’affratellamento and Florence Dance Festival (Florence), Cajka Popular avant-garde theater (Modena) and Palazzo Ducale (Solofra, AV); Huracan, in collaboration with Loredana Tarnovschi and Andrea Giomi (2020), Finalist of the TWAIN 2020 award (Tuscania) and presented at Teatro della Limonaia (Sesto Fiorentino), Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan) and Palazzo Ducale (Solofra, AV); Object-Oriented-Choreography, in collaboration with Francesco Luzzana presented in the 2020 Triennale Milano season. Projects produced by A.I.E.P, Triennale Milano and Sanpapié company.