Lara Guidetti

texts by
Saverio Bari with the assistance of Gianluca Bonzani

original muusic and sound design
Francesco Arcuri

Nani Waltz

Amigdala is a provocation and a game, an invitation, a macabre dance to exorcise fear and restore the ritual of feast.



With Fabrizio Calanna, Sofia Casprini, Luis Fernando Colombo, Gioele Cosentino, Matteo Sacco


With the support of Teatri di Vita / Artists program in the territories of the Emilia-Romagna Region e Officine CAOS / Multidisciplinary Transitive Art Residence in the Piedmont Region as part of CURA 2021 project

In collaboration with Cluster Tav-TechForLife Cluster Lombardo Technologies for the Environments of Life, Dr. Antonella Monteleone, IEO Institute and the patients of the We Will Care project
With the support of – MIC Ministero della Cultura



AMIGDALA is a participatory experience that happens in urban and natural spaces, architectures, buildings and landscapes, in which spectators are invited to enter the performance itself, through a system of silent-disco headphones that cancels distances and filters. AMIGDALA is about the mechanism of trauma understood as that event produced in the body by any agent capable of a sudden and very rapid action, which causes general modifications, change, transformation, evolution. The organism could be a human body, a social body,  a common space or a perceived moment in time.

The show explores what happens in our brain amygdale at the point of rupture and transformation, it investigates what our common dynamics of reaction and perception are and how our emotional, bodily and social intelligence behaves in the face of change.

It is a choral work, a pagan and contemporary dance that celebrates the individual as a fundamental part of enlarged systems that break and are rebuilt in the joust of existence and time. It is a single dancing organism, a fragmented social body in constant metamorphosis that challenges itself in the fall and change, exorcising the fear of diversity and the unknown with the body, losing identity and inventing new ones. There is no single style or form for dance: the body is lost and continuously reshape itself in response to external stimuli, creating a scenario of elusive dynamics.

AMIGDALA is a shared experience: a way of experiencing real space through the ephemeral presence of dance in order to be able to imagine it as well as see it, live as well as walk through. It is a provocation and a game, an invitation, a macabre dance to exorcise fear and restore the ritual of feast.


The music, composed by Francesco Arcuri, comes from sound experiments carried out during the first lockdown and for this reason the score is charged with all those mixed feelings that the pandemic first unleashed.

It’s a cerebral, haunting music, it’s an ever-changing short circuit in attempt to find an escape route, that leads the listener up to an emotional peak in which the instinctive and rhythmical give way to emptiness . 

An inner relaxation that is filled again with musical lifeblood, where harmonies and melody sanction an almost spiritual rebirth.


The text of the show, all played in the initial part, acts as a real prologue, and working in concert with the sound-design, performs a dual function: on the one hand, it carries out an initial revelation of the “theme” by introducing the audience to the concept that lies at the basis of the dramaturgy – what is the amygdala, how it works – and on the other hand, through images, associations, openings and sudden interruptions, it uses poetic language to create stimuli that activate the functioning of the spectator’s amygdala in that precise moment , in order to prepare them for a logical and emotional understanding of the performance.

In the case of foreign shows, a translation of the text will be provided in English, either on paper or through an audio file, according to the needs of the hosting organisation.