The city moves

The project comes from the desire to explore the relationship of the individual and the community with the city and, in general, with urban spaces. When we put on headphones and choose a tune, music to accompany us, often the space and our experience of it changes in relation to that peculiar source of the sound, allowing us to capture details and exclude others, creating an intimate journey inside a public space.

Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony has fascinated us because it is a “device on a human scale”: it can be contained and is able to play an entire symphony in anyone’s pocket, with a very low quality, commonly used (tablet, phones, pc…), but at the same time able to give back a complex sound universe full of quotations between history and contemporaneity. By bringing together these thoughts, we have experimented on how, through a shared soundtrack, starting from the perception of the individual, through the construction of small collective rituals in a danced form, were able to arrive at the creation of a community.
The relationship between individual and collective position, in an urban and disordered context, is the cornerstone of the choreographic research: the dancers move according to space and the audience, which unconsciously finds itself to be part of the choreographic design. A small group of spectators, listening to music exclusively through headphones and welcomed by a text that introduces and contextualizes the performance space, follow the dancers in a design that adapts to public and private urban spaces, indoor and outdoor.



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